Increase your team’s levels of energy, engagement and fulfilment by better directing their thoughts,
feelings and behaviours towards their goals.


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Increase your team’s levels of energy, engagement
and fulfilment by better directing their thoughts,
feelings and behaviours towards their goals.


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Course Overview

Measuring Success
Individual & Organisational Benefits
Why Coaching Works
Course Length

13 weekly sessions
over 3 - 6 months

Weekly Study

30-45 minute weekly

Delivery Methods

Live online classrooms
or in-person sessions

Group Size

Individual or Group Coaching
(4 -6 people)


LEARN | Discover the 10 Human Drives Framework.

Increase your team’s levels of energy, engagement and fulfilment by better directing their thoughts, feelings and behaviours towards their goals.

Using pioneering studies from the fields of positive psychology and neuroscience this course builds on the key concepts of the High Performance Institute® Research Study and deep-dives into the Psychology and Mentality of the high performer. The 10 simple drives of human emotion shape everything you think, feel and do and can be channelled to support your thoughts, feelings and behaviours to support your goals.

The baseline drives:

  • Control
  • Competence
  • Congruence
  • Caring
  • Connection

The forward drives:

  • Change
  • Challenge
  • Creative Expression
  • Contribution
  • Consciousness

MASTER | Study and practice the Human Drives.

CO-CREATE | Heightened performance.

13 Sessions Over 3-6 Months

Designed to embed and master the 10 Human Drives to amplify engagement. With regular check-ins and reinforcement from a certified high performance coach, this programme encourages new thinking and creates solution-focused individuals who keep on track with their goals.

Interactive Assignments

Virtual and interactive worksheet assignments assist the implementation process and make the learning experience fun and seamless.

Lifetime Access to Recordings & Materials

Our FiiT4GROWTH Members’ Area houses session recordings, notes, additional materials, and video content for your team members to recap key ideas and takeaways.

CO-CREATE | One culture of high performance.

One language

Working alongside your individuals, teams and leaders, we create a culture of high performance where colleagues are familiar with the same concepts, language and frameworks and instinctively support and coach one another.

Shared Frameworks

Amplify the effectiveness and efficiency of your team with frameworks that encourage thoughtful planning, preparation and execution. Shared frameworks used across the business provide clarity and consistency.

Strengthened Relationships

Through the shared coaching experience and our feedback platform, we’ll strengthen relationships with empathy and trust, deepening collective understanding. 

Custom Learning  Resources

We co-brand your resources with your logo, incorporating company objectives and values for a personalised experience.

Life-time Access to Content 

Our online platform houses groups session recordings, notes, additional materials, and video content for your team members to revisit.


Virtual and interactive worksheet assignments, make the learning experience fun and seamless.

Certificate of Completion

Upon completing each course each learner earn a certificate of completion. You can share your Certificate and learnings with your friends and network!

Measuring Success

To measure the individual and business impact, we use the High Performance Indicator Assessment before and after completion of the programme. The scoring system for this assessment, formulated as a result of the global research from the High Performance Institute® is comprised of six subscales that separately measure clarity, energy, necessity, productivity, influence, and courage.  

Used as both a summative and formative measurement tool, it provides a reliable sense of how people are performing across each high performance habit and can help identify areas of weakness and in turn, help individuals understand how to develop better habits. 

Upon completion of the course, we provide a full analysis of scores, aswell as a showcase of achievements for each group. To see examples of previous business cases, book a discovery call with a certified high performance coach.

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Why is it important to align Organisational and 
Individual goals?

Leaders who encourage others to ‘own’ their personal and professional development are essential in any future-focused organization – they can foster engagement, stimulate better performance, and drive others toward personal and professional success. At its very core, workplace coaching is about enhancing individual performance for the organization’s strategic benefit. So, while workplace coaching outcomes professionally benefit – and are valued by – the individual coachee, they have two mutually inclusive purposes.

Why coaching works.

A commonly shared statistic states that 85% of change initiatives in organizations fail.

Why? Because leaders pay attention to the wrong things and don’t understand the neurobiology behind behaviour change. Transformation, whether on an individual or organizational level, requires ongoing focused attention on new possibilities and new behaviours — and requires commitment and effort over time. This continued journey aligns with the basic principles of executive coaching partnerships.

  • Positive feedback, encouragement, and reinforcement from the coach encourage new thinking and are essential for neurons to create connections. The weekly reminders that a coach naturally provides help keep coachees on track with their goals and develop new thinking and habits.

  • People work at their best when there is just the right amount of challenge, encouragement and stretch. Coaches bring that support and stretch and help us overcome a natural tendency to see a limit on our personal abilities.

  • Success also requires the “why” and the “how.” The brain struggles to think about “why” and “how” simultaneously. The perspective of a coach is helpful in maintaining both kinds of thinking.

The partnership approach means clients remain open to input while being more readily able to access their own unique creativity and resourcefulness. No two brains are remotely alike and neuroscience has shown the importance that coaching is self-directed and that clients make their own connections and create new wiring.

Who developed the course?

The High Performance Institute

This course was created by our partners The High Performance Institute®the world's leading think tank and training center on the subject of high performance.

They worked alongside the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Santa Barbara on a three year research study on how high performers think, behave, influence others, and win. 

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