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for individuals, teams and businesses by creating a culture of high performance.

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Your mission is clear and you have a team of talented and highly capable people by your side. So why is it you feel stuck like you can’t break through to that next level?

What if you had a reliable set of practices for unlocking your team’s potential and enriching their personal and professional lives? FiiT4GROWTH provides executive coaching, leadership development, and group coaching for your business based on scientifically proven curriculums.

We partner with our clients to create an environment where teams can excel consistently over the long term. Together, we focus on aligning individual and organisational goals, creating multiple levels of success while crucially reducing stress, improving mental and physical wellbeing, and cultivating positive relationships. We help market-leading organisations like you improve retention, support your talent, strengthen your culture, and develop future leaders. 

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Most companies only invest in coaching for executives, but we know that the best way to support executives is to coach their teams. Some of the many benefits include:

  • Creating a high performance environment
  • Strengthening culture with common language
  • Empowering employees at all skill levels encouraging initiative
  • Helping succession planning by shaping the leaders of tomorrow

Collective success starts with the individual, which is why helping each team member grow personally and professionally is at the core of our coaching





When you invest in Individual-based coaching, you’re demonstrating your commitment to the development of each unique person

- Foster company loyalty

- Boost performance and motivation

- Increase job satisfaction

- Improve internal communication

“A leader is the one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” - John C. Maxwell

At FiiT4GROWTH we believe that a leader is someone who has a clear vision, follows that vision, and helps others find their path.

Our personalised approach to leadership development acts as a catalyst to enhance the performance of the individual and the teams they lead.

"Coaching is the Universal Language of change and learning." - CNN

By collaborating with teams and individuals, we create a culture where colleagues start instinctively coaching each other. 

Using our scientifically proven performance frameworks, they’ll feel encouraged by leadership and empowered by our tools and processes.

Through this shared coaching experience and our feedback platform, we strengthen relationships with empathy and trust, deepening collective understanding.

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We've partnered with The High Performance Institute®, the world's leading think tank and training center on the subject of human high performance to bring you coaching programmes that are scientifically proven to dramatically improve performance and make a high performance culture accessible to all organisations.

Could our programmes help you get to your next level?

Take our FREE 5-min assessment will rate you on The Six High Performance Habits, scientifically proven to increase performance and provide customised results to help you make small changes that will deliver remarkable results.

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Meet Our Founder

John Roussot has been Liberating Greatness for 21 years in corporate and entrepreneurial ventures. John has consulted, coached and trained individuals and teams in 33 countries around the world including building and running bespoke learning and development academies.

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We joined the Better Business Act Coalition, alongside hundreds of businesses because we believe the world needs every business at its best–valuing their staff, creating jobs, solving problems, and adding value to society.
In 2015, world leaders agreed to 17 goals for a better world by 2030. FiiT4GROWTH has committed to global goals, 3, 1, and 8; Good Health and Wellbeing, No Poverty, Decent Work and Economic Growth.
Stay tuned for more information on how we are taking action!
In line with our "No Poverty," Global Goal for Sustainable Development, FiiT4GROWTH supports Operation Christmas Child's mission to show love in a tangible way to children in need around the world.
Join the Better Business Act
Find Out More About F4G Initiatives
Find Out More About F4G Initiatives

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