"We exist to serve by Liberating Greatness for individuals, teams and businesses."

- John Roussot, FiiT4GROWTH Founder & Chief Excellence Officer -

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It's not about us. It's about...
You and your personal goals and ambitions.
Your people. Your business. Your future.

At FiiT4GROWTH, we want to be the catalyst that sparks a positive transformation in your personal and professional lives. We're busy professionals, just like you, so we understand your entrepreneurial drive to succeed, your competitive nature, pressures of daily work-life balance, and the importance of optimising your time. The strategies, systems and tools we use in consulting and coaching have helped thousands of people around the world achieve incredible results.


Enthusiastic, Excellent & Extraordinary

That's what we strive to be, every day. Our people always show up as the best versions of themselves, full of Energy & Enthusiasm, committed to doing things with a Spirit of Excellence, and going the EXTRA mile, demonstrating EXTRA effort, time, energy, resources, passion, care, focus and attention.



We believe that everyone has greatness inside of them, and that everyone has the potential to do great things.

We believe that the new world we live in requires new rules and a new game plan for achievers to become exceptional leaders and outstanding corporate and social citizens.

We believe that private victories precede public victories, and that mastery is the quest for continual personal and professional excellence.

We believe obstacles provide opportunities to learn, grow, break through barriers, and go to our next level.

We believe that to achieve more, to create, deliver and derive more value, we must first become more.

We believe we're blessed with opportunities to Liberate Greatness in our own lives and the lives of all those around us, so that we might inspire others to Live, Learn, Love and Grow, every day.


Founder & Chief Excellence Officer

Liberating Greatness for 21 years in corporate and entrepreneurial ventures, consulting, coaching and training individuals and teams in 33 countries around the world.

John has developed Sales and Marketing Academies for global and local organisations and is passionate about transferring knowledge and skills through online learning, face to face immersive experiences, and elevated through coaching.

As a Certified High Performance Coach, John coaches achievers to their next level of success & significance, personally & professionally. 


Certified High Performance Coach

Equipped with decades worth of successful business experience and High Performance Coaching, Jeffrey is the “go-to” guy for entrepreneurs and business owners intent on taking their business beyond.

He is a highly experienced Certified High Performance Coach, author and thought leader who passionately brings out the best in people.


Certified High Performance Coach

Nate is a Certified High Performance Coach and highly productive realtor, speaker, author, and entrepreneur. For 19 years, Nate has consistently served his real estate clients whilst growing various businesses, and coaching business owners on how to elevate their business and performance.


Certified High Perfomance Coach

Kristin is an award-winning cultural strategist, solutions architect, high performance coach, and TEDx Speaker. For over 18 years, she has partnered with companies around the world, large and small, to facilitate their transformational journey towards inclusion, positive culture change, and high performing leadership.  Her passion and area of expertise helps individuals and organizations drive culturally intelligent innovation.  


Certified High Performance Coach

Divya is a Certified High Performance and Personal Mastery coach, speaker, and trainer who empowers trailblazers to live extraordinary, purposeful lives.

She helps executives, entrepreneurs, and athletes overcome their limiting beliefs and behaviors so that they can break through to their highest performance and potential.


Certified High Performance Coach

As a highly sought-after motivational speaker and coach, Artemis has the unique ability to cut-to-the-heart-of-the-matter with humor, wit, and wisdom, which allows people to achieve the real breakthroughs they desire to move forward in their personal lives and their business enterprises.


Certified High Performance Coach

With over 16 years experience in building high performing teams to deliver the most complex global technology projects, Mark's passion is helping future leaders to unlock their potential so that they too may inspire and lead others to high performance.

Listen to what clients have to say

"You have your brush and colours.

Paint paradise and in you go."

- Nikos Kazantzakis - 

Your future is in your hands. A blank canvas waiting for you to create your masterpiece. 

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