BITESIZE | What Makes A Good Coach?

Dec 15, 2022


What makes a great coach?

If you are interested in personal development, and developing the performance of your team, then chances are you've thought about "What makes a great coach?"

In this short BITESIZE video, John Roussot, Founder & Chief Excellence Officer, and Nate Short, High-Performance Coach discuss the qualities to look for when searching for a coach - from understanding the fundamentals of people to cheerleading your clients to success!

What is the objective of coaching?

  • To be a catalyst for their personal and professional development
  • To help clients understand themselves, and their situation and discover their own emotional truths so that they can find better solutions and build better tools.
  • To help them to reflect effectively and explore their options so that they can continually move the needle forward.

What qualities does a coach need to achieve that outcome?

  • Connection

Business is always about people dealing with people and so feeling connected in a coaching relationship is essential. A coach needs to be able to really listen to what that person is saying, give perspective without judgment, demonstrate empathy, and not just a one size fits all approach. The stronger the coach-client connection - the more honest and genuine conversation will be, in turn, allowing the results to happen sooner and more efficiently.

  • Professionalism

A certain level of trust is a non-negotiable requirement for coaching to work. Without it, a coach might not really know how to help the client achieve their goals, and will not be able to create an environment where they can speak openly.

The reflective nature of coaching means that you discuss important and serious topics this must be met with a professional approach to help build confidence, trust, and respect. Professionalism is also a valuable confidentiality skill. 

  • Ability to Challenge

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you” Fred DeVito

In coaching, a challenge is a powerful request that asks the client to extend themselves beyond their self-imposed limits. A challenge can shift the way client sees and thinks of themselves for years to come. A good coach is able to identify a stretch that can enable this shift but isn't too far - or it might discourage the coachee from attempting it.

  • Cheerleading

A good coach will always leave you feeling inspired, encouraged, and uplifted. They will celebrate when you succeed but most importantly they will help you find a way forward when you are down so that you can continue to make a positive impact in the world.

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