Welcome to The Team | Bill Murray

Jul 20, 2022

A huge welcome to the newest member of the FiiT4GROWTH Team - Bill (Belinda) Murray!

Bill is a People and Process Coach who helps to streamline and restructure internal operational processes, using experience, objectivity, and best-practice resulting in business efficiencies and profitability. Bill looks at the People AND the Process. She'll examine your challenges and how they affect your business, and find bespoke solutions to them. 

Bill has been People & Process consulting for 7 years and has completed over 50 internal business audits. Working across industries, Bill has helped businesses in South Africa, Australia, Belgium, and the UK. She also facilitates Creative Outsourcing with her wide and experienced creative network and delivers top creative resources to fit a specific brief.

Bill loves working with and for incredible brains, finding like-minded humans who are passionate, positive, and have the will to work and see change come alive!

Belinda Murray, owner of The Bill Murray

If you would like to work with Bill, please reach out to [email protected]!

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