Three Years in the Game with FiiT4GROWTH! 🚀

Sep 04, 2023

Friday, 1st September, marked an important milestone in my entrepreneurial journey: three years of full-time dedication to a business I started during the pandemic, FiiT4GROWTH. I'd planned to pop the cork and take a moment to celebrate, but as any committed entrepreneur knows, some days, business comes first. The day was packed with what I call "Excellence in Administration" (because I don't like admin, and need a reason to do it to the best of my ability). Here's a behind-the-scenes view of the hustle. 📸

Being an entrepreneur is a constant balancing act – navigating the tumultuous seas of entrepreneurship, serving clients at the highest levels of excellence, being the best dad and husband I can be, and caring for my mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. The journey is as tough as it is rewarding, filled with late nights, early mornings, and unforeseen challenges. But every day also brings learning, growth, powerful interactions and the undeniable joy of shaping a vision into reality.

To my clients, colleagues, family and everyone who's been part of the FiiT4GROWTH journey: Thank you! 🙏 Your support, feedback, and encouragement have been instrumental.

To those of you also on this path or thinking about starting - remember, while the journey is strenuous, the rewards, both personal and professional, are immense. Every challenge faced is an opportunity to learn and grow.

Three years into the game, I'm grateful to have a small global business with a passion and purpose to Liberate Greatness for all the individuals, teams and businesses we serve. We've won 5 gold international business awards (and a silver) in coaching and mentoring, learning and development, and entrepreneurship... indicative of the journey and impact we strive to achieve.

We're just getting started!

Here's to many more years of positive client engagements, personal and professional growth, challenges, failing forward, rewards, and behind-the-scenes excellence!

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