Bitesize | How Negative Thinking Affects Everything | John Roussot

negative thoughts positive thoughts spirals Nov 02, 2021

 What happens when we experience a negative thought?

Usually, this is the result of an external trigger. Maybe something bad has happened, you've made a mistake, you've received disappointing results or someone has criticised you or said something that makes you feel insecure and self-doubting. 

You start to think...

"I messed this up!"

"I can't believe I/they said that!"

"Why is this happening to me!"

"I'm a failure!"

This sends you down a Negative Downward Spiral.

You begin to feel deflated, demoralised and you dwell in this negative space. This is because your negative thoughts have started to dominate your mindset. However, this doesn't mean these negative thoughts have to dominate your day.

Mastering your mindset isn't about ignoring your negative feelings and always about thinking positively. It's not about turning “I feel sad” into “I feel happy,” but it is about taming your thoughts and redirecting the energy we use up on negative thoughts that leave us feeling drained and unmotivated.

Here's what you can do:

  • Acknowledge The Negative Thought

'Feel the feeling', and ask yourself "Why are you feeling this way?"

Evaluate why the situation is causing you to think “I’ve messed up,” or "I'm a failure!" Often when we break this down, it isn't as bad as it initially seems.

  • Pivot and ask yourself, "What is one positive thing that I can do?"

Beginning with one positive action from a negative situation is much easier than finding a complete solution and is less overwhelming. Most importantly it puts the wheels in motion to build a Positive Upward Spiral. This is a light and easy way to move forward from a negative situation, increase your clarity and encourage you to take courageous action. 

Be mindful of your thoughts, and choose a spiral that serves you and those around you! 

All the best!

Your Coach 😉👍



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