How To End The COVID Year Strong on The Hairpreneur Show

Dec 14, 2020

How To End The Covid Year Strong

2020 is officially the year known to be the COVID year. Almost everyone in the world has felt its effects, leaving many struggling to keep afloat. Now that we’re in the month of December, can we still redeem ourselves and end this challenging year strong?

John featured on Ryan Weeden's podcast, Marketing Expert, Hairpreneur, and founder of Masters of Balayage to talk about how to move forward even when life pushes you back. John talks about knowing who you are, finding your purpose, and basically starting your journey into personal growth—even on a shoestring budget. He provides comfort in the fact that there is no perfection, so long as you give yourself permission to give things the best and figure them out along the way. Join in on this inspiring conversation to find some wisdom on moving forward and making next year your best.

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We have an exceptional human being on the show. His name is John Roussot. He's from the UK, London. He is a Certified High-Performance Coach, FiiTGROWTH Founder, Chief Excellence Officer, and has trained individuals and teams in 33 countries around the world. He's also part of a Millionaire Mastermind Focus Group which I'm a part of too. We met and decided to form that mastermind group. It's been such a cool thing. He's also been one of the coaches in my life. My first official business and mindset coach. I'm so stoked to have him here. Welcome to the show, John.

Thank you, Ryan. It’s good to be here on the show with you and I appreciate you inviting me to participate.

I'm in San Diego and you are in the UK. Are you in London or are you right outside of London?

We're in the Southwest, just outside of London. Close enough when we need to be in London but also in the countryside which is also good for the kids. We get the best of both worlds.

One thing you'll learn about hairstylists if you haven't already is that we're not good with math and doing numbers so we have to hire people out for that. I have so many questions I want to talk to you about. We talk monthly. We talk even more than that about whatever burning issues, challenges we have and help each other out along the way. I met you at a Brendon Burchard event. He's the world's number one high-performance coach on the planet. Almost everything he does is brilliant. It's an impactful, mind-blowing type of stuff to help you move forward in your life. You were a coach before that but you decided to take your coaching journey to the next level and become a certified high-performance coach and leader under Brendon, correct?

That's right, Ryan. I've had a passion for coaching individuals, teams, businesses, and I've been doing that for 21 years in 33 countries around the world. After we met in October 2020 and in November, I certified as a high-performance coach with Brendon and the High Performance Institute because I looked into different coaching curriculum. I thought this was the one curriculum that resonated the most. I've got a huge passion for helping people with their personal and professional development. The principles of the high-performance habits around which the high-performance coaching is built are set of principles.

It's scientifically backed by huge research. It's the six habits that do allow people to shift personally and professionally. The results that the High Performance Institute team and certified High Performance coaches around the world are achieving with their clients. I've had the privilege to serve my clients with the same curriculum. It's incredible to see the results that we're getting. I’m happy to spend time with Brendon. In fact, we had a certification week again. We were on a Zoom call recertifying with the new coaches as well. It’s an incredible curriculum.

I was going to ask you about that since I'm going more into the coaching route, it's something I've wanted to do for a while. I have been doing it more not just with this show but I have a Growth Accelerator Program. With what I do in general, I'm moving into more of a personal growth leader. This program would be good for somebody like me but what kind of person would be a good fit for that type of leadership program?

Being able to serve with all your heart leads to the best results.

Anybody who has the heart to serve. One thing that I've been so touched by with the CHPC community is its like-minded people who came to make a positive impact in the world. People who want to go out there, inspire, and instruct people for a better life and help them achieve the results faster. If you're that type of person, it doesn't matter what industry, what age you are, or gender, it's all about the heart. Being able to serve with all your heart leads to the best results.

You’ve got to be present, fully engaged with your clients, meet your clients where they're at, and then sincerely want to help them along their journey to achieving their goals. If that's you then I highly recommend jumping around. That's 100% you. That's one of the reasons you and I are resonated and connected as friends at Influencer and why we create many masterminds together, we're comfortable connecting all the time. If it's something that you're thinking about doing, I highly recommend it as something for your audience. If they're that type of person, go for it.

I remember that when we became friends after the Influencer Event that Brendon had and we started doing the mastermind thing. We talked about my situation and you had already been through the program. I was telling about how complex my life was and not complex in a great way. I was getting lost in complexity, I reached out to you and I said, “Do I need a coach?” It’s not like I was asking you to sell me on your coaching but I could see this state of almost peace and productivity that this world that you lived in, and I wanted to be part of it. I figured if you could help me figure out some things, even if it was one key element to change and simplify what I was doing every single day, then it would benefit me greatly.

I asked you about the coaching program and when you first told me the price of it, I was like, “This is more expensive than I'd ever paid for anything in my life.” I decided, “I need to make a change.” I was already successful but it doesn't mean that you're mentally healthy and successful because I wasn't. I was completely lost, depressed, and miserable but I couldn't see myself digging out of this hole that I kept creating. I was getting buried in it. I wanted to start to find this piece and work to be successful so that we can have more richness and peace in our life. That's what I'm working for.

I said, “I'm going to write this big check.” It was $10,000. I remember I'm like, “I'm going to invest in this.” When we spend money on something, we're all-in especially when you write a big check. You're like, “I'm going to squeeze this for everything it's worth.” I have to tell you, it was the best money I've ever spent because not even after our first get-to-know-you lesson, every lesson after that helped me to get more clear on who I was, what I was doing, and why I was doing it.

It helped to simplify everything like that. I don't have a question. I want to say thank you for that. One thing that initially helped me and it started off our coaching was getting more clarity around our purpose. I don't want to reiterate. Having you as the guest, I don't want to keep talking, but imagine that I'm in your first session again and you say we're working on your purpose statement. How would you tell somebody that is thinking, “I don't even know what I want or why I want it. Where do I even start?”

It's such a great place to start, Ryan. First of all, before I even dive into that, I want to commend you for the courage that you took to recognize that there was more for you and to get unstuck or to figure out how to break through to your next level of success and significance. You wanted a different perspective, challenge, and push. That's what coaching allows you to do. The investment in yourself is a great investment. You'll always get a strong return on investment. Even for the one thing that we're about to speak, for you to have discovered your purpose and discover it early in our sessions.

I remember the moment where we had the conversation and we unpacked a few things and the next session you came to the call and you said, “I've got it. This is the purpose. This is who I am. This is what I'm here on this planet to do.” You said it to me around inspiring greatness. I said, “Ryan, that is totally you.” For me, the purpose has been such a passion point. For many years, when I first defined my purpose. My purpose is that I exist to serve by liberating greatness for individuals, teams, and businesses.

What it's done for me and what it does for people like you, not that you're clear on your purpose as well. Your purpose is your north star. It's your guiding light. It's the thing that allows you to determine what you get involved in and what you don't get involved in. When you’re that clear, when you have clarity on your purpose and your course of direction, you operate inflow in congruence with who you are. That's such a gift that you give yourself. A lot of people don't necessarily take the time to figure out who they are, how do they want to serve, who do they serve, and how do they want to show up in the world. Getting clarity right upfront is something that I do stress with my clients because it becomes the foundation for everything else.

What was that phrase that you said like fill in the blank phrase? This is how you answer that question, “I exist to serve by.” That's the phrase, right? It's like fill in the blank.

I'll ask a general statement around, do you feel that you have a clear purpose? Are you living in congruence with that? Often, the answer I'll get is like, “I live a purposeful life and I do this and I do that.” There's no clarity around I exist to serve by these two words. The starting point is I get people to close their eyes and take some deep breaths. I know that you do this as well with your audience as you get them to find clarity on what are the three words and how do they want to show up. For me, I always talk about being enthusiastic, excellent, and extraordinary because enthusiasm is positively infectious.

I always want to show up with joy, enthusiasm, sincere care, and an interest in what you're doing then excellence is about a spirit of excellence and continual improvement. That whole thing for me about extraordinary is not that I want anybody to say I'm extraordinary, but I want to show up as that person of extra. Extra time, extra love, extra care, extra efforts. I want to be that extra mile person. Those are my three words for how I show up. If I talk about an extended purpose statement, I'll always say the purpose of my life is to be enthusiastic, excellent, and extraordinary. What do you want to do? First, how do you want to be? What do you want to do? It's to liberate greatness and I go on with deliberating greatness and then there's got to be a why. Why do you want to do that?

You fill in the blanks with so that. For me, it’s so that I might inspire others to do the same. I want to liberate greatness so that I might inspire others to do the same, live, learn, love, and grow which is another part of my messaging theme. I'd highly recommend, if you're out there and you find that you don't have a purpose, think about those things. Who do you want to be in terms of how do you want to show up? What do you want to do? What's your so that? What's the why?

I learned the three words from you and Brendon where those are something you should set like a daily reminder for where it pops up once or even twice during the day to remind you. It’s not something you snooze away but something that you take a beat, you stop for a second, you read those three words and refocus, realign yourself with how you want to show up in the world. You had mentioned who you want to be. Most people that haven't taken a dive into personal growth as deeply as we have might think, “I want to be an astronaut. I want to be this.” They define themselves as a career goal or occupation.

Everyone can have more success, happiness, love, abundance, and anything they want in their life.

In the world, that's one area where people are starting to lose themselves because they were identifying themselves as a particular person like doctor, lawyer, or hairstylist. In the hair industry, a lot of salons are closing again in California and other parts of the country. It's been a rough 2020 for not just our industry but a lot of industries. Some people are losing their jobs and they think now that they don't have that particular title, they've lost a piece of themselves and they don't know how to identify themselves. What you're getting at was who do you want to be? How do you want to show up to the world? How do you want to define yourself as a human, person, and a unique soul not like, “This is what I do.”

It does come back to the purpose as well, especially in 2020, there's been a change of plans for everybody but for those that have had a purpose, the purpose has stayed the same. There has been a change of plans, not a purpose. They've pivoted in terms of what they've done and how they've served. That’s where clarity on who you want to come into play. It's not about a label like a doctor, lawyer, stylist, or X, Y, and Z.

It's about who's the true authentic self. Who's the true authentic you that's going to always be the best version of you and then being intentional about showing up as the best version of yourself? The reminder that you spoke about is to have your three words coming up every single morning, my recommendation is to set that alarm for 9:00 AM so that every morning, it brings intention to your day. That's how you’re committing to showing up because this represents the truest and best version of you, not of anybody else.

I mentioned what I spent on coaching, there might've been people that are saying, “I want to coach but I can't afford that.” What advice would you give somebody that might not be able to afford to shell out that much money? How can somebody start making their journey into personal growth like a shoestring budget?

There are many different options. There are loads of content online that you could download for free. I would start there. I'd say, “Let's start exploring what the free resources are that are good that can at least get them started on that journey. Is there an online course that they could do? Could they join a group coaching program?” I've got a group coaching program now with some fellow CHPCs where we've got 57 people in the group. We jump online once a week and we run through the High Performance Habits. It’s not as personal or interactive as the one-to-one sessions. We don't go as deep but we still teach a lot of the concepts. We pose a lot of the same questions, we get people to reflect, and they fill out the worksheets.

That's a more affordable way for people to engage and to do what you and I did. We started a mastermind together and every month we were brainstorming ideas around what's working well in your business. Let's celebrate some wins. What's not working? Where do you need support? Does anybody know anybody that can do X, Y, Z? We were helping each other. It's about getting around like-minded people that can make you sharp, inspire, and encourage you on your journey. There are a lot of things that people can do. I always talk about controlling the things that you can control. If money is challenged at the moment, which has been a real challenge for a lot of people. What are the things that you can do?

Maybe you can't invest in a one-to-one personal engagement with a coach, but if that's a goal, what do you do now? How do you at least connect with somebody to say, “I want to get into your program at a point? What other resources do you have? Do you have something that I can download and start working on? Do you have a workbook that I can use? Do you have an online course? Is there a group coaching program?” Figure out a way to get in the game because you know as well as I do how intentional you've been with your personal and professional development, it is about skills. You've got to acquire those skills. The possibility for everyone is more. Everyone has the possibility of more success, happiness, love, abundance, and anything they want in their life. 

The problem is most people don't know how to get that. The strategies, mindset, toolset, and skillset that they've got have got them to a certain point and won't get them any further. To achieve more and to do more, you have to first become more. That's an internal thing. It's not an external thing. It doesn't matter what's happening in the world. It's an internal thing on how you become more. Pick up a book and read.

Cut out the Netflix, news, and things that are pulling you down. Start reading more positive literature and engaging with more positive people. That's a tough thing. I'll often encourage people to think about who are the people in their lives that they should potentially not be spending time with because they're pulling them down. Are they being intentional about bringing people into the lives that are lifting them and inspiring them to be better? Once that ball starts rolling, it picks up momentum and you become unstoppable.

One thing I've learned too over the years because I've been working on myself for decades, ever since I can remember, I've been listening to Tony Robbins and whoever else I could possibly listen to try to learn more about and become the best version of myself. One thing I have learned when I've looked back at years of notebooks is that many times I have started something and then it didn't work out but then I started it again. I've learned and failed many times trying different ways to make winning habits stick.

One thing I have learned in all those years is one, don't give up. If you are serious about trying to improve yourself, don't give up. Don't keep trying the same thing. If it's not working, try to find new ways to make it interesting and make it a part of your life. Two, Don't try for too much at once. I was always somebody that's like, “I'm going to start.” Tomorrow I'm going to wake up, every single action I take is going to be completely different. I'm going to cut out the Netflix, I'm going to work out seven days a week. I'm going to do all this stuff I want. Every area of my life is going to be better.

I learned that you can't maintain that type of intensity if it's that big of a life change that you're not ready for. What's worked for me and my advice is to start with baby steps. Do a little bit better each day. Get 1% better every single day instead of cutting something out. If you want to get in better shape but you're not working out and you're still eating ice cream, keep eating the ice cream but work out and then you'll eat less ice cream or it's not going to affect you as much.

Two great principles, don't give up and think about your expectations of yourself. Many people wait for perfection. It is the lowest standard because nobody can attain perfection but 1% improvement is something that you can chase. We talk about the aggregation of marginal gains and those marginal gains over a period of time all add up to great results. If you're doing marginally bad things every day and you're moving further away from your habits, all of a sudden, you find yourself completely off track, but that didn't happen overnight. It happened gradually over a period of time. It's the same spot on to set yourself up for success. The thing about achievers is they've got a drive, they want to start every single day with a clean slate and feel like they get to the end of the day achieving something.

If you set yourself up with too many things to achieve in the day, then you're almost setting yourself up for failure so be mindful of that. What are the three things that I can do now to move the needle forward? I always focus on my top three goals and then each day, I write those three goals out so that I've got visibility of the goal that I'm chasing for over 90 days. I write goal number one, what's one action on that goal that will help me move the needle forward? I'll take a big action or a small action depending on where I've got space.

I schedule it in my calendar so that I make sure it happens. When I reflect on my day and I think, “I didn't get through everything.” I'll say, “Why didn't you get to everything? Did you prioritize other things over the things that mattered most or did you set too high expectations for what you could get through in a day?” I've got to remind myself, “Go hard on the plan, go easy on yourself.” Give yourself some grace. Figure out what's the tweak that you can make for tomorrow. How are you going to change your approach tomorrow so that tomorrow is a more successful day? When we give ourselves that grace, permission to succeed on a daily basis and to fail, because in failing, that's when we’re learning. FAIL stands for First Attempt In Learning. Give yourself permission to give things the best, to try things, and figure them out along the way. There's no such thing as perfection.

To achieve more and to do more, you have to first become more.

I've got to know you well over since we've known each other. I look at you and I look at somebody that seems they never had a bad day. You're always positive and uplifting. Do you remember a time when you were lost?

It will come back to feeling incongruent or off purpose. I've told you about how clear I am on my purpose. With our move to the UK in 2015 with the family, I moved out of an entrepreneurial environment back into a corporate environment. As much as I loved the corporates that I was working for, I find myself moving from one corporate to the next corporate and a third corporate. Recognizing that's not who I'm wired to be. I’m wired and I had a desire to serve at a higher level. I wanted to be more entrepreneurial. When you feel stuck and you're in a place that you shouldn't be, that's a tough place to be.

As much as you know me for being somebody who's positive, I've had some dark moments where you think, “How are you going to break through this? What are you going to do?” It's in those dark moments that are almost a good place in the sense that it forces you to say something has to change. This cannot carry on any longer because if it does, the picture is not looking good. It's in those times where I went soul searching and already said, “What I need to learn? Who do I need to become?” That was the start of my journey over the last couple of years specifically where I was way more intentional again about my personal development.

I've always been intentional but I found myself stagnating and I thought, “I'm going to become super intentional. I'm going to cut out everything in my life that is pulling me down that's negative. I'm going to limit time with negative people. I'll be able to serve in their lives but I don't necessarily want them putting into my life.” I did the work, I steadily managed to find a way to break through, step out of my corporate career, and be truly authentically me and serve at the levels that I want to serve.

Everything has fallen into place beautifully but it hasn't come without work. One of the key messages that I want to be able to give people that I'm engaging with wherever I am is that you've got to have a big vision for your life. You've got to set some huge goals for your life. You've got to take massive action on a daily basis to make that a reality because nobody's going to do it for you. You've got to go out there and do it for yourself.

By taking massive action, which I expect a lot of times, is to have massive results right away because we're always wanting that we've had that overnight success with everything that we do. I have to have grace with myself too and say, “Just because I'm taking massive action doesn't mean that I'm going to have massive results.” Sometimes, it might not be the results at all from what I'm doing. What do you mean exactly by taking massive action?

Massive action transformation takes time. Mastery takes time. You don't become a black belt in three-star karate overnight. That took me many years to be able to do and master each level to get from white to yellow belt, through the ranks, and ultimately then you become a black belt and you can throw six punches a second, and that's exciting. To have that mindset of how do I become a master over some time to expect massive action and results immediately is like saying, “I need to lose 15 pounds. I'm going to go to the gym and I'm going to lose it.” It's not going to happen.

Business is about people dealing with people. If the people are broken, the business is broken.

You’ve got to eat and exercise consistently over the next few weeks. Gradually, you'll start to lose some weight, you'll develop muscle tone, and you'll feel more vitally alive. That's the result that you're looking for. It is about realistic expectations of what you can achieve over a period of time. Also, having these ambitious goals to say, “If that's the dream or goal, I'm going to do the work consistently until the goal becomes a reality.” The transformation and mastery take time is a key message in my life and work.

We're going into the holidays but for some people, it could be a very depressing and dark time after this year especially if we can't see our friends and families. Our businesses aren't bringing us as much money. Those are for people that are still able to work. People are eating more, drinking more, or taking less care of themselves. I know you have a company called FiiT4Growth. How important is it to somebody's success to work on not just their actual business but themselves like exercise and mental health?

It's everything, Ryan. The reality is business is about people dealing with people. If the people are broken, the business is broken. We often neglect ourselves because we think, “That's so much work that I need to do.” I'd rather need to invest the time in working. The reality is if you get good sleep, exercise, nourish your body, you're going to have way more energy and you'll be way more productive. When you do sit down to work, you stand behind a chair, and you're serving your clients, you're going to be much more productive and positive towards your clients. They're going to be raving about you and your service. All of a sudden, business starts taking off. It might seem a bit counterintuitive to invest time in exercise but that generates time in your day because of the energy that it generates.

Sleep is the foundation for everything. Success now starts the night before. The way you go to bed in a wind-down routine to make sure that you get 7 to 9 hours of quality sleep every single night enables you to wake up in the morning feeling refreshed. If you feel refreshed, you’re lucky to make good decisions. You’re not going to have the sugary treats to give you a sugar spike. You'll have something healthy and then you'll exercise.

All of these positive marginal gains that we were talking about, all of those things kick into play that will have a positive spill off into your business as well. With FiiT4Growth, the four elements that I often talk about are your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. Its holistic wellbeing. You can't only look at the physical side, we talk about sleep, nutrition, exercise, and environment, you have to look at the emotional side and mental side. What are you feeding your mind? What are you allowing into your mind to determine your thoughts, words, and actions?

Those are all things that we can control. There’s so much in the world we can't control but you can control your thoughts, words, and actions. Even something starting the morning with gratitude. When I sit down in the morning and I look at my success journal, I've got a space to write down. What are the three things I'm grateful for? It doesn't matter how I'm feeling that day. When I start thinking about gratitude and realizing I'm grateful for my health, wife, and precious kids then I start going, “I'm grateful for God's protection, provision, blessing, favor, love, mercy, and grace.” All of a sudden, all these things fill my heart with gratitude and my spirits lift. I'm going to have a better day because that's how I started my day. 

That is something I'd highly recommend people do especially now during the holiday season and if they've had a tough year, recognize they made it. They got to the end of what was a ridiculously strange year for so many people and they made it. That's something to celebrate. To look around and say, “What can I be grateful for? What am I excited about in my life? Who loves me? Who do I love?” Feel that emotion, get the thoughts positive, and to cut out anything that's going to be negative for their mental health. Gratitude is the first thing that I'd encourage and then clarity. We spoke about having a vision for your life.

I'd highly encourage people to go into the holiday season and dedicate some time to getting some clarity on what do I want 2021 to be like. We know that we can’t control what happens in 2021 but in the absence of a vision, we're going to settle for whatever comes our way. With the vision, we're going to chase that as hard as possible. Get a vision for your life, make it a big vision, set some huge goals for 2021. Do the small things that you can to keep your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health strong.

Is that something that people should get clear on now and then start say January 1st? Is that something they should start right away?

There's always that saying that, “Yesterday was the best time to start. The next best time to start is today.” I would encourage people to start their journey now because if you wait until January and then January 1st comes, there's something else on the agenda and then you're going to say, “We'll do it on the 7th of the month.” The second week comes and goes and the third week and before you know it, we're setting in December.

That was another year that's gone. The sooner you can find clarity, set some goals, and say, “What's my reality? This is where I am now. This is where I want to get to. What's the plan to get from where I am to where I want to be?” It's going to take some time to figure out the plan and do some research to say, “I've now found the exact plan that I want to apply in my life.” To start figuring out how do I schedule that? What do I need to do to prepare for that? I had encouraged people to think about, there's a little bit of an on-ramp towards 2021 and that's now in December 2020. To use this time to get ready for 2021.

I love the on-ramp, it makes sense. You're ramping up so that way you can hit the next year running. You're already in momentum where you're going to see results a lot faster as opposed to those people that might go out. I don't know if anybody is going out but New Year's Eve. Suddenly the day that they were going to start their whole new life, so to speak, they're hungover. As you're saying, you're going to push it off to Tuesday or Wednesday. You're like, “I don't want to start on a Tuesday. I'll wait until the next Monday because we all want this clean starting point when we start something new.” You’ve got to start and then you can look back on the progress that you've made no matter when it was then you can start to see how much you're growing in your life.

I'm all for people celebrating and figuring out a way to go into the New Year in whatever way makes them happy. It's about starting the new year with intentionality. If you're hungover on the first of the year and that's your intentionality for the year, it's going to be a tough year for you as opposed to if you figured out now in December what you want for next year, you’re ramping up. You fly into 2021 knowing, “I'm glad this year is here because I'm focused, inspired, and ready to do the work.”

Sleep is the foundation for everything. Success today starts the night before.

What'd you say some good words of wisdom might be for somebody that's facing stress during the holidays? Some mental hacks, breathing exercises, or something that people can take from this episode and put into action tomorrow while they're trying to get everything else figured out so they can get through the holidays and start to build that momentum. What are some quick ways or advice you could give on that?

A couple of great things to do. The one is to put your hand up and ask for help. If you are stressed out, if you need some help, ask for help. When we ask somebody else for help, we give them a dopamine hit because it makes them feel valued and feel helpful. They get a dopamine hit to the brain that says, “Somebody asked me for help. That's awesome.” We’re helping them by asking for help for ourselves and by asking them for help, it lightens our load as well. Don't be shy. Don't be full of pride. Ask for help. That's a starting point. Get somebody to have a chat with. One of the biggest benefits of coaching is the camaraderie. Sometimes, my clients want to talk. They want to voice their thoughts. They want some perspective.

That's a great place to start. Another thing I'd highly encourage people to do is breathe. It's the essence of life. We don't take the time to be mindful of it. Some people would like to do a twenty-minute meditation or longer. What I'm saying is take two minutes to sit back, relax your shoulders, close your eyes, take nice deep breaths in through your nose and breathe out through your mouth. Take ten breaths that get in through your nose, breathe out through your mouth and release the day, week, month, and year, and recognize that you don't need to carry that into the next moment. We call it our Two-Minute Release Meditation that I'll do with clients. It's something that you can tap into in an instant. You don't have to wait for the perfect opportunity where you've got 20 or 30 minutes to do a workout or meditation. Two-Minute Release Meditation to transition between meetings, home, and work-life to release any tough thoughts.

If you wake up in the middle of the night and you're stressed, that's a great thing to do as well. That's a great hack to apply. Coming back to the physical aspects of sleep, nutrition, and exercise, getting those elements right helps you destress. Take time to rest, recover, and nourish your body with nutrients, not junk food but to hydrate well, eat good, healthy food, and be mindful of your environment. One of the best things that people can do during the holiday season when they're home and they've got some time on their hands is to clean up around them. Create an environment that is conducive to happy, healthy living. Those are some great life hacks.

You're a father, you've got kids, they're still young but at one point they were quite a bit younger where you're waking up in the middle of the night. You're doing things that you don't expect to do and you're not getting the sleep that you wish you could get. Your days aren't ideal wake up and have some coffee or tea and then you're not starting on the way you want it to because it's not your time anymore, it's their time for that season in your life. How can you motivate people to get through these tougher times? What can you tell them? I'm going through it myself. I'm a little bit more seasoned in it but I have bad days where I'm like, “What happened last night?”

Sleep is a foundation. Sleep deprivation is a form of torture in some countries. The concept of going easy on yourself, giving yourself some grace and space as well, and as a couple to be able to communicate with each other to say, “I need some help. I need some time out, space, support, and a good night’s sleep. Can you look after the little one?” Dovetail that as a couple or a team. Setting yourself up for success as much as possible, doing the things that are going to set you up to succeed during the day and also being realistic on your expectations of yourself and your partner. It's a massive change environment that people go through when they have young kids.

There's an opportunity to accept and embrace that change, not to want the previous life where you were able to sleep, but to recognize you now have a gift in your home. You've got this child that's an absolute gift. It's tough but that will pass. Our time with our kids is limited that each day is a gift. It's up to us to also choose to focus on and that's where your energy goes. Focus on the things that you can be grateful for and what's in your hands. That changes your mindset, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

John, this has been an awesome conversation. I want to start wrapping it up now because I feel there are so many nuggets of information there. I don't want to overwhelm anybody. I want to have you back to talk more about coaching. We went on a bunch of awesome different tangents. Where can people find you if people want to listen to your awesome accent more and all the wisdom that you share?

Thanks, Ryan. They can either go to my personal brand site, which is or to the business website We're going to be announcing some new group coaching programs and we've got some online courses too. I would love to connect with your audience. I appreciate being on the show. Any opportunity to serve you, Ryan, and your audience, you know that I'm here for you, I love you, and your crew as well. It's been a pleasure being with you.

Thanks, John. You are the best coach I've ever had. I can't wait for you to impact more lives with what you do.

Thank you, my friend. I appreciate you.

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