How Entrepreneurs Can Unlock Their Highest Performance on the Badass is the New Black Podcast

Feb 28, 2021

How Entrepreneurs Can Unlock Their Highest Performance 

Have you ever wondered how the best entrepreneurs maintain high performance without ever burning out? Have you ever asked yourself how they do it all, seeming on their own? The answer is… they don’t. Like a professional athlete, a wise entrepreneur has a coach for every aspect of their profession. They have a nutritionist, a fitness coach, a mindset coach, a financial adviser and someone who coaches them on the technical aspects of their craft. Successful entrepreneurs leverage these accountability partners to get better and do better. In this episode, Krissy Chin calls in her high performance coach, John Roussot, to give you some practical tips and quick wins to help you perform at a higher and more intentional and sustainable level so you can do more of the great things you do. As a bonus, learn how to magically train your child to never interrupt you again!

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I want to welcome John Roussot. He's a business and high-performance coach. John is the Founder and CEO of FiiT4GROWTH and a high-performance coach whose purpose is to liberate greatness for individuals, teams, and businesses. In the past years, John has built up significant experience in corporate consulting, coaching, and entrepreneurial adventures, which gives him a unique perspective on coaching his entrepreneurial and corporate clients. He's designed, developed, and delivered global capability academies for a number of large multinational organizations and has worked with individuals and teams in 33 countries around the world. John always strives to add significant value to the clients and businesses he serves by being a catalyst for change, excellence, and growth, and an inspirational leader that takes individuals, teams and businesses to their next level. I'm going to sum that all up, there was a lot in there. John is a badass. Let's take it there. He's making a huge impact all over the world. If you aren't already connected to John, then it is time that you do so. I'm super excited, John, that you're here spending your time with us. Welcome.

Thank you, Krissy. It’s good to be here with you. Thank you for that great intro. I’m humbled to be on your show with you and grateful for the opportunity to serve your audience.

John and I have a history together in business. We've been connected for a long time. I know John well. We're a part of a millionaire's mastermind together. John was my high-performance coach and I had life-changing things transformed during our time together. He was a speaker at my STAND OUT Virtual Summit. We wrapped up a sixteen-week private session where I was coaching John. We've done everything together and it's been a cool experience. I'm honored and grateful that I get to add you to the podcast list.

What an incredible journey as well, Krissy, from the mastermind to doing the high-performance coaching, and then the private coaching of me. Both of our willingness to learn and grow from each other, not just to inspire each other as you do inspire me so much, but also to equip each other with strategies, tools, tactics, and practical things that we can apply in our businesses and our personal lives. That's been, for me, the most incredible thing about our journey so far. I've been stretched and I've learned. I've made mistakes and enjoyed that process as well as figuring things out along the way. To have you there by my side in the mastermind and private coaching has been absolutely awesome. It’s a huge privilege to serve you as well and liberate greatness for you personally and professionally through high-performance coaching. I still smile at those wins along the way that we achieve for you and the ones that I've achieved in being a recipient of your coaching. It's an incredible journey.

Our relationship and what we've gone through together is a cool unique experience that other entrepreneurs can learn from. You can find other people that you can connect with and serve each other in ways that you specialize in. Your high-performance coaching completely changed my life. The strides that we've taken with you, your branding, and your clarity there, and securing these huge clients. When they show up in your application, you're like, “Krissy, this is the perfect client, exactly what we created in our ideal client session.” It's been fun to feed off of each other and share knowledge. I’m super grateful. I’m ready to dive in and I'm ready to have you serve this audience. If you share this with your audience, they can also get some more nuggets from you because we know they already love you. Let's jump into knowing more about why you jumped ship on that journey from corporate to being a high-performance coach. You have so much experience in the corporate world. I want to know more about that.

My journey has been quite an interesting one, Krissy. I grew up in an entrepreneurial family and always saw myself getting involved in business with my family. I went the typical route. I studied, got a good degree, a good job, and got tired of being in a good job. I decided four years into a corporate career that I would try something entrepreneurial. Unfortunately, I lost my dad during that time, which forced me into an entrepreneurial business that he was involved in, but I used that to my benefit. I've learned so much about service, a heart for the community, and the community support that I received.

I lost my mom during that time as well, but there's so much good stuff that came out of that. I met my wife in the coffee shop. You know my story. I won't get into too much of that detail. I used that business opportunity to learn and grow as an entrepreneur and made it work for me to something that was attractive for that community business-wise. We served with all our hearts, succeeded, and survived the recession. I find myself six years later with a fantastic business partner thriving, but also feeling like, “What's the next level for me?”

I then got into consulting thinking that I wanted to get back into corporate without getting back into corporate full-time. Consulting was a great way to do that, so I did that for a number of years. One opportunity led to the next, which saw us moving to the UK several years ago. At the time I thought, “I don't have a good enough network in the UK to be on my own as an entrepreneur or a freelance consultant or build a consultancy,” so I took another corporate job. That job led to another job, led to another job. You can see that I was not settled and I was reset to do my own thing again.

Eventually, with everything going on with COVID and some of the challenges that the world's gone through, as far as calling on my heart to step up and serve at a high level, I was frustrated with this title that was over my head. It’s limiting me by this title and feeling that I want to serve and I want to give up the best of who I am. That's to liberate greatness for people, individuals, teams, and businesses, whether they're entrepreneurs, small businesses, or large corporates, and wanting to dive all in. That was the biggest decision. It might seem crazy outside looking into 2020 of all years, but a lot of people are opting for safety and security and hanging on to jobs that are secure. This was the time to step up and serve.

Also, knowing that through the last recession, I was able to find a way to thrive with businesses open and closed around us. Our business thrived because of the level of excellence that we strive for and our heart to serve. We put those things ahead of revenue, but the revenue followed suit. That's a lot of what I'm trying to teach people, “Get your mindset and your hearts in the right place first. Serve with all your heart, and then the business follows suit.” That's the reason that I decided to jump. It was more about passion and purpose than anything else.

We've talked about this in our sessions in terms of running and leaving your business through an abundance mindset. When you do that, it brings back tenfold. You're serving people so well and you're doing it for free. There's no financial gain immediately right there, but you're serving with love and compassion and you have this abundance mindset. The finances, and the profit will come later, whether that's through impactful testimonials or they sign up for a program later. You've been such a great leader in that. When you serve from the heart and you lead with that, great things come.

Get your mindset and your hearts in the right place first. Serve with all your heart, and then the business follows suit.

Also, surrounding yourself with like-minded, like-spirited people. This campaign that you're talking about where we've offered six weeks of free high-performance group coaching is not as in-depth as you and I did with one-to-one. They'll still get the benefit of the curriculum, sessions, challenge and push, and also the community. I'm not doing that by myself. I've got another four high-performance coaches that also have the heart to serve and make a difference in the world.

When I approached them to say, “This is on my heart. This is what we should be doing. People need this now,” they’re all like, “When do we start?” They're all in. It wasn't even a question of, “Will we get paid and how much?” It was like, “When do we start? Let's go.” We've all jumped in to set up landing pages, videos, and all the rest of it to make it work. We now have people registered from the West Coast of the US all the way through to the East Coast of Australia. I feel blessed that we've got that opportunity to serve.

What would you say to the person out there that is in their corporate job or let's say they're forced out of what they're doing? Many people have lost their jobs. Maybe they were running and owning a business and that's shut down, and then open. You never know what's going to happen tomorrow. What would you say to that person about their future?

There's this reality of the things that you can't control and the things that you can control. So much of what we've experienced in 2020 are things that we can't control. If we live in that space of, “Why is this happening? Why is this happening to me?” Our brain starts to figure out all the reasons and that's a dangerous path to go down. As opposed to saying, “What can I learn from it? How can I save myself that when this comes around again in whatever shape or form, recession, pandemic, or whatever it is, how can I mitigate against the risk of that happening?”

A lot of people have already written off 2020. In fact, people wrote off 2020 halfway through. What I'm encouraging people is to make the rest of 2020 the best of 2020. There is still time to make a difference. There's still time to get clear on who you are, why you're here, how you want to serve, and what you want to do, and then to be bold, brave, brilliant, and take action to make things happen. That would be my encouragement. Sometimes, your struggle is your gift. You’ve got to realize whatever people are going through. My heart goes out to people suffering from COVID. If people have lost loved ones through COVID or lost their business or their jobs, I have this sincere desire to support and encourage them. There are a lot of people out there like me and like you who want to do exactly the same, to be there for them. I encourage people to tap into that. Tap into learning, growing, figuring things out, and recognizing that whatever's happened this past year 2020 doesn't have to dictate their future.

You mentioned the people that wrote off 2020 already or halfway through. If you want to be someone who can generate success and serve the masses, be someone who doesn't write off 2020 because the people that wrote it off are the people that are not going to move forward. If you want to move forward, take John's advice. Stop, pause, rewind, and listen again. Don’t write it off and make the best of what you have left. As we move into 2021, I don't think it's magically going to disappear and go away, so don't write off 2021 when we get into it.

I'm excited to talk more about high performance in this episode and get some nuggets so that everyone else reading can liberate their greatness for the rest of the year in moving forward. Before we dive into that topic, I've been doing this thing where I talked to everyone about their strengths. You are super badass and I know that part of that comes from channeling your inner badass and taking advantage of the strengths that you have. Can you share some of those? What are some strengths that you've carried with you that you've been able to leverage in generating the success that you have?

For me, a lot of that is about reflection and getting clear on who you are, and being real with who you are because we're all unique. We've been born with innate talents. If you've done something like the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment, they'll give you a list of, “What are your top five strengths?” It does good things to know because all of us are different people. If my top talent according to Clifton Strengths Finder is achiever, that's something that drives me. I have to start every single day with a new purpose for the day and new actions and things that I want to achieve on that day to make the day worthwhile. It's what drives me.

It's also why I'm passionate about helping people who are in a similar boat, where they recognize they're frustrated with what's happened in 2020 because they haven't been able to achieve their goals. I'm saying, “Those are my people. I get them because that's something innate with me and I can resonate with fellow achievers.” My sense of belief that anything is possible and we can achieve all things are linked closely to my faith and my belief that everything we have is on our last day. Whether it's a network or knowledge that we need to acquire, we can find those. We have access to more information than ever before. I've definitely tapped into that belief. Even if I don't know how to do something yet, I can figure it out or I can ask somebody.

You've helped me, from a coaching point of view, fast-track my learning curve on things that are getting fairer to my ICA and branding for my personal brand side and my business side as well. Things that I didn't know how to do, I've now figured out with support. I don't have to do it on my own using that belief and that approach as well. Responsibility is one of my top three strengths as well. That speaks to my heart saying, “We need to take responsibility for our own actions, but we also need to take responsibility for each other, people that are taking strain, our family, friends, loved ones, and the community around us. That's how I've tapped into my strengths to create the drive that I have.

I've been starting to ask this question to my guests on the show, and what I've noticed is that every person knows and understands their strengths and what they can bring to the table. If you're reading and I were to ask you that question, you'd be like, “Uh.” It's time to stop and think, “What am I good at? What can I use and leverage to get me to move through or past that thing that I'm not good at?” Think about that. Your strengths are going to be different than John's and they're going to be different than mine. What I'm loving about what you shared is everyone's unique and everyone has their strengths, so use those to your advantage. 

What I found as well is when you have that self-awareness about your own strengths, you also develop a greater awareness of others' strengths. You tap into those and you complement each other. As opposed to trying to compete, you're trying to think that you need to do everything yourself. When you have a weakness, you need to fix it because you’re broken. You're not broken. You've got strengths, so drive your those. One of the things that I often have to do when it comes to brainstorming is get other people into the room to brainstorm because it's not a strength of mine. I love big ideas and I can come up with a big idea, but then to get the color around the idea, I need input from others.

A classic case is one of my business partners and I jumped onto a call to plan for a big proposal that we're pitching. We got a warm lead, but we want to make sure that we land the deal, and then we serve the client in the right way. I had 4 or 5 ideas that fleshed out into so much color and detail of things that I would never have thought of on my own. The two of us tag teaming together made the world of difference. He knows it and I know it. It's beautiful when that thing happens. That definitely is important when it comes to strengths. Recognize your own strengths, recognize the strengths of others, embrace that diversity and collaborate.

If you're wanting to be a high-performer, you have to understand where you can add value and where you need to lean on others. That story is cool that you shared about knowing where your shortfalls are and not seeing them as something that's bad or hindering you. You're like, “I'm going to lean into this.” That's why we're in a mastermind together to brainstorm to get ideas. That's why you've invested in coaching and I've invested in coaching. Am I the reason that you are successful? No, it's you because you are the one that's taking action. You realize and understand that you sometimes need that other perspective or that person to ask you those questions, so that your brain can go, “That's a different angle. Now I can start thinking about that. That sparked another good idea for me.”

Perspective is everything. Professional athletes have a team of coaches to think about their mindset, so there will be a mindset coach, there will be a technique coach, and maybe a nutritionist. They'll have a team of coaches supporting them because athletes understand that feedback is a gift. They want to track and monitor everything. They want to say, if it's golf, “Am I leaning too far forward? Am I leaning too far back? Is my clubface open? Is it too close?” That makes all the difference when you strike the ball what happens 300 years down the line? I think perspective is key, and also camaraderie. To be able to have somebody to check on you and bounce ideas off. Also the accountability. When I know that I'm getting onto a call with you, I think, “I haven't done my homework yet. Get into it.” I want to show you I've made progress. Even just that accountability, it's worth coaching for that. You put all of that together, the perspective, camaraderie, accountability, knowledge, and skills that you have, that I don't have and vice versa, that we can amplify the best of who we are. That's why coaching helps you accelerate your progress.

You're a high-performance coach. Let's dive into it so that you can share some of your high-performance nuggets of knowledge with us. This was something we've talked about and this was super powerful in my sessions with you, which is clarity and purpose. I've been talking about this a lot as well. Is what you're doing purposeful? Do you have clarity in there? Talk me through, as a high-performer, what you're trying to help people with getting more clarity and getting more purpose in their direction.

All of the work I do is linked to both personal and professional development. Stephen Covey taught us that private victories precede public victories. You have to win as an individual first. I'm super passionate about helping people with things like their sleep, nutrition, exercise, and environment, and how that sets them up to succeed in business as well as personally. Probably the biggest thing that I've loved unlocking for my clients and I've seen that time after time again is helping people understand why they're here on this planet. Why do they do what they do? What's the one thing that drives them to get up in the morning and do the things that they do? Often, people aren't clear on that. They go day-to-day just living life and not experiencing life to the full and not serving as the best version of themselves. I know how being clear on my purpose for so long has served me and has allowed me to take on different projects. I choose what I get involved in and what I don't get involved in. Something that I love guiding my clients on, coaching them on, and helping them unluck is, “What is your purpose? What is your why?” I’m helping them articulate this.

If someone's struggling with that, is there a tip or a tool, or a strategy that you would use to help start flushing that out?

The thing that I do first with people is I get them to reflect. I get people into a place where they're calm and composed and breathing comfortably with their eyes closed. Taking deep breaths in through the nose, out through the mouth, and finding that place of calm, clarity, and composure. I get them to imagine three words that might describe their ideal self, the best of who they are, the people would be proud of, or that they would be proud for people to refer to them as those three words. The starting point is when people get clarity on, “This is the best version of me. If I showed up as these three words, that depicts the best version of me.”

Bringing intentionality to that is a game-changer and it's something that I do in my strategy session with clients before they even become clients. It's a free strategy session that I offer for 60 minutes. It’s one of the first things that I do with them. I get them to set a reminder on their phone from 9:00 AM every single day. There are wonderful thoughts of alarm clocks going off around the world at 9:00 AM in the different time zones reminding people to show up as the best version of themselves. From there, we've got a base to be able to start formulating a purpose statement to encourage people to be a certain way.

I use it for my kids as well. When I show up with my family, I want to be present, kind, and gentle. I know that if I'm not mentally present, even if I'm physically present, it's difficult for me to be kind and gentle because my kids will come to me and they want to show me something, I'm on my phone and I'm engaging on social media or I'm doing whatever I'm doing. Now they're irritating me because they can’t see I'm busy. That sense of irritation is a trigger for me to recognize it's not the kids irritating you, but because you're not present. Get a present and appreciate your awesome kids. When I do and I look at them and I see the amazing creation that they are, and then the incredible creations that they brought to show me, it changes my whole experience of life and time with my family. You can do that with interactions with your family, how you want to show up with your clients, and how you want to show up in general in life. That is the starting point for getting clear on your purpose.

I'm smiling because my alarm went off and I usually just let it sit on my phone. I don't clear it out. I had sent John a screenshot of my phone showing him something else. I love that you commented back and you're like, “I love seeing your three words,” how amazing. That vision that you have and of everyone that you've touched and taught this to have those alarms going off, it's happening. It happens on my phone daily, so thank you. I can totally relate that you're on your phone and you're trying to respond to something and your kids are asking something and I’m like, “Nope.” I normally have good patience except for when I'm trying to do something, and then they come up to me and their voice transforms from sweet like, “Mom,” to hearing these annoying kids out and I freak out. I remember that helped me a ton to not snap at my kids as much.

Coaching amplifies the best of who you are and helps you accelerate your progress.

There's another little trick that I learned and it's partly in training your children. I learned this from Montessori. This is going to be the little nugget that I get to share. Someone who does Montessori School taught this to me. They were having a conversation with me and we were outside. She's got eight kids and they're all running around. We're talking and engaging when one of her little girls comes up to her and puts her hand on the mom's arm. She was waiting there patiently and Elsa keeps talking to me and I was floored. I was like, “This little girl is standing there patiently.” There was a break in the conversation and Elsa looked down and she said, “Yes? How can I help you?” She helped her and she went away. I was like, “How did you do that? What happened there because that looked magical.” She goes, “It's a Montessori thing. We talked about when adults are talking, if you need something, come up, rest your hand gently so they can finish and when I can get to you, I'll get to you. If the conversation is going on a little too long, I can put my hand on top of her hand and she knows that I know she's there and I've recognized her, and I will be with her in a minute.” I was like, “This is amazing.” I was like, “Scotty girl, come over here. Elsa has to teach you something cool.”

We've been doing that and what was interesting is that I was on my phone one day, leaning over the counter and Scotty comes up to me and she puts her hand on my arm. She was waiting there. I stopped right away and I was focused on her, the intention, and interacting with her. That was another little piece to it of remembering that they need my attention. I have to show up better for them, but also where she's also learning how to coexist in this space together in a way. It’s super cool. I love it. I remember doing that experience with you, closing my eyes, and taking those deep breaths. It was super impactful with that. Let's dive more into liberating greatness and how you do that with people who are striving to be high-performers and why that is so important to you.

If we are talking about purpose, my purpose statement is, “I exist to serve by liberating greatness.” There are different parts of that I'd be intentional with the wording that I've used. Yes, liberating greatness is when I take people from where they are now to help them unlock something inside of them and liberate the greatness that I believe is in them. I do believe that greatness is within all of us and that sometimes you need a catalyst to spark something inside of you, lock that and show you the way. That's what I want to do. I want to guide people on that journey with a lot of coaching. I'll be smiling inside as somebody is talking because I can see they're figuring it out that they haven't quite got it yet. I'll coach them in a way that gets them to a word or a phrase and be like, “Did you catch what you said there? That's the nugget. That's the one thing.” Being able to do that when their eyes open up and you realize, “What a gift to be able to take people on that journey.” I get fueled by being able to do that for individuals, teams, and businesses.

The one word that people often pass over quite quickly is the word, serve. I exist to serve. I exist, that's why I'm here to serve. I talk about serving with all your heart because serving is about people. It's about putting the needs of others ahead of yourself. It's having that servant heart, that servant leadership perspective. If you're talking about serving with all your heart, the heart is about purpose and passion. Recognizing what that is and how you do that is with all. Serve with all your heart, and with all is that all in, double down, don't even hold back, give without holding anything back. For me, that's how I approach my own purpose statements and how I do what I do. The purpose why I do what I do, and how I do it is with all my heart.

I see that a lot of entrepreneurs want to serve because entrepreneurship is hard. It’s not showing up to work, doing what I'm told, and I leave my work at work kind of thing. You are in charge. You are what's going to bring the dollars into the bank account and you are the one that's going to make it or break it. Many of us get started by pursuing something that we enjoy. Many people that I interact with and everyone here reading want to serve others. That will resonate with them sharing that message and helping them get more clarity on their purpose. While we all have started in leading from the heart, there's always so much more you can learn to do that even better and even deeper.

One of my mentors and, in fact, Brendon Burchard, who certified me in High-Performance Coaching, one of the things he often talks about is how you need money for the mission. You have to build a business if you want to serve more people. You have to build a business around it in a sustainable, profitable way and it's your moral obligation to serve at the highest level and to put offers out there that add way more value than what you're asking people to pay. As long as we keep that in mind that it's one, you must build a business to sustain the mission and to provide value at a level that is way more than what you're charging. It's always going to be a good deal for your clients and you're going to feel good about the fact that you're living out your purpose and you're building a sustainable business to enable you to do that.

What about strategies? When you're getting started, there are people you look up to. You look up to Brendon Burchard so much that you went and did his training in High Performance. He's all about high performance. What are some of the strategies and tools used by successful people? I'm asking this because I know you know the answer and you've taught this to me, and I want everyone else to hear some of these things.

One of the reasons I love the certified High Performer Coaching Curriculum is that it is a science-backed curriculum. As passionate as I am and with as much experience as I have, I trust the process of High Performance Coaching. It's science-backed and loads of research has gone into it, which also takes the pressure off me that I don't have to have all the answers all the time. I'll bring as much magic as I possibly can. I will serve as the best version of myself as I possibly can every single time and bring this curriculum. The High Performance Institute went out to try and figure out what makes people succeed beyond standard norms over the long-term whilst maintaining wellbeing, which a lot of people get wrong.

As achievers, I speak to myself here as well, and as all the other achievers out there often achievers have peak performance and have peaks and troughs, where they'll succeed and they'll burn out. They’ll succeed and they'll fail. They'll succeed and burn out again. Those peaks and troughs are a little bit demoralizing as well and I've experienced that in my own life as well. What we talked about in High Performance is heightened and sustained levels of performance and potential. I also said the whole thing about, “While maintaining wellbeing.” Coming back to my passion for helping people with their energy, their sleep, their nutrition, the exercise environment, the energy, their mood, those are important.

In the High Performance Habits that we talked about, we talk about seeking clarity and that's why I'm so passionate about clarity and purposeful direction. They go hand-and-hand. In seeking clarity, we talked about generating energy because the power plant doesn't have energy. It generates energy. You and I know how powerful it is to find that place of calm, clarity, and composure. At the same time when you need to energize, then what do you do? What do you do to energize? How do you change your state? Guys like Tony Robbins spoke a lot about that as well. We're changing a state in an instant to get yourself into the right frame of mind and physiology that you need to be in to succeed. We talked about generating energy.

It's around demonstrating courage, so not just having courage but recognizing in spite of the fear that we might be facing, taking action, and demonstrating courage in those moments. You know as well as I do that as entrepreneurs, courage is a big thing. You've got to be able to demonstrate courage. We talked about increasing productivity and that's not about doing a lot of things, it's about doing the things that matter most. Often, that's about taking things off our plates, whether that's delegating or reducing our commitments. If you want to double your productivity, cut your commitments in half. That's a quick way to increase productivity. 

We also want to develop influence. You want to be able to develop influence so you can help and inspire people to help you in your dreams and through all of it, we want to raise necessity. Raising necessity is such an important thing. If you've ever had to scramble to pay bills at the end of the month, that sense of necessity that gives you to take action, how do you replicate that necessity when things are going well and you're comfortable? Things aren't great, they're also not bad. That case of good could be a deathtrap. It could be the worst thing for you or for your business. How do you constantly raise necessity? That comes all the way back to purpose. When you've got a purpose, drive, and a sense of responsibility of, “I have to get up and I have to serve in this way because people are counting on me,” that raises necessity. That is something that we know drives high-performers across the world, whether you're a Fortune 50 CEO, Olympian or entrepreneurs like us, or corporate people. In any area of life, you can apply those high-performance habits, and they will help you succeed.

Something that you said a little bit early on took me back because I remember that I sought out the High Performance Coaching with you. Probably it’s in one of those moments where I was feeling a little bit burned out. I was like, “I've got these two brands that I'm building and I’m successful in doing it, but I'm feeling like I'm drowning here. I see these people that are doing way more, or at least it appears they're doing way more and I'm not seeing the full behind-the-scenes of if they're losing it, having panic attacks or what's going on, but they seem to be holding it together. If I'm going to level up in my business if I'm going to take it to multi-million or this and that, I've got to figure this thing out.” That was what got me to seek out High Performance Coaching. I had a mindset coach.

I love that analogy of the athlete how they have a coach for different things. I was pursuing that as well. I want to encourage the readers to not wait for that moment. Don't wait for when you feel like drowning and you feel, “How is everyone else doing it? I am struggling here.” Do it early. Do it before. Do it when you do feel it's manageable but you know you want to take it to the next level, which for everybody here, I know you want to take it to the next level and get that coaching so you never have to experience a slump or burnout as you may without that support. That’s my encouragement to other people. What did we talk about at this summit? We talked about the Six Habits of High Performers. We dove into that, right?

Yeah, we went into the habits. We spoke about the Six Pillars of High Performance as well. In my coaching curriculum, the first six weeks, I'll spend on the six habits that I spoke about earlier, and we'll get quick wins. From the strategy session, it's go, go, go, and with session plans per session, a bunch of great questions to challenge and push my clients, and always bringing my own magic to it as well. After the first six quick wins sessions, we go into a mastery series, where we look at things like psychology mastery, physiology mastery, productivity, persuasion mastery, purpose mastery, and a commitment to High Performance.

At session seven, I tell my clients, “I’m now dialing the notch up. I'm going to turn it up a notch,” and they're like, “We've had many breakthroughs and now you're going to turn up the pressure.” It elevates people's thinking. I had such incredible moments. I woke up one morning and received a text from one of my clients who finished his twelfth session. Went through all twelve sessions and at the beginning, when I started coaching him, he said to me one of his goals is to generate $40,000 in a month in his online business. I remember thinking right at the beginning that I've got ways on how we're going to tweak this offer and he's going to blow that out the water.

At the right time, I turned up a notch and encouraged him and said, “Psychology-wise what do we need to be thinking to achieve even bigger? How do you 10X your thinking? How do you think so differently, as opposed to thinking about a 10% growth when you think 10X?” You’ve got to do things differently. The message that I received from him was he closed $42,000 in sales in one day. We had a goal of $40,000 in one month. In a day, he did $42,000 in sales and wanted to celebrate that with me. It’s proof of the power of coaching, the power of curriculum, the power of the process, and the power of being in session. I’m grateful for those opportunities.

I love hearing success stories like that, people's lives being changed, people pushing themselves, and reaching things that they didn't even think were possible. I know and I'm sure that you helped him believe in himself enough because he reached it. If he didn't believe in himself, he wouldn't have done that $42,000 a day. My guess is you probably unlocked that in him and gave him the belief of, “I could do it,” and gave him some other tools and strategies that he could implement to make that happen. It’s so cool.

That's the beautiful thing about it. He needed to do the work. We wouldn't have got that result if it wasn't for him. What I was able to do is get his mindset in the right place, help him with the strategies, and the tools, and have him bounce back the pitch and say, “What are some potential objections and how would you handle those?” Let's talk about the influence framework and the persuasion model. Have you thought through this and that? It’s being able to tag team. It's co-creating a future or co-creating the solution. That's what I love about it, it's magical when that happens. He did all the work, to be present, fully engaged, to trust me and allow me to challenge and push him to achieve that, as you did and as I've done it with you coaching me. That's why we’re starting to get the results that we're getting, and why our clients are getting the results that they're getting through that challenge, push and encouragement.

We probably need to end it here because that was amazing. You can still get access to John and all the amazing other speakers. You have a freebie, a little free gift for everyone. Why don't you share that with them? Let them know maybe why they should access this freebie of yours.

One of the things that I developed a few years ago is what I call The FiitT4Growth Success Journal. It's a series of templates and pages to enable people to get clear on who they are, what their purpose is, their values, who they serve, how they want to show up for them and incredible goal setting templates, to get clarity on what your goals are. What's the ‘why’ you absolutely must go after this goal? What are some actions you can take? How do you schedule those to make sure that they happen? It's got daily routines, where a daily routine is something I do every single day. I absolutely love it. It centers my morning to start my day thinking about three things I'm grateful for, to bring attention to my goals and think about what are the three goals.

I've got a 90-day success plan in a success journal, where every single day for 90 days, I'll write down what my goal is for those 90 days. They are three goals and I'll say, “What actions do I need to take on those goals to achieve them?” I schedule those in my calendar and I make sure that those happen. One of the most powerful things in the success journal is the weekly routine. I say it's the most powerful because I've skipped a couple and when I sat down to do my weekly routine, I flipped back and I realized I skipped a couple and I was feeling a little bit flat like I wasn't making the progress that I wanted to make on a certain project.

Greatness is within all of us. Sometimes you just need a catalyst to spark something inside of you, lock that and show you the way.

By doing my weekly routine, going back to the previous week, seeing all the meetings, the intention and how I was having these amazing coaching sessions, putting out these proposals, and recognizing the progress I was making, it energized me like you cannot believe. To do that once a week for twenty minutes, reflect, I call it The Wrap Process, so weekly review and preview. I review the week it was, I celebrate success, lessons learned and some mistakes that I'm making, because if I failed in inverted commas but I learned one thing that can help me or could help somebody else, then I'm succeeding.

I celebrate those lessons learned and I say what I need to stop doing, start doing and continue doing. With all of that, it's what I need to stop, start, or continue believing, thinking, feeling or doing. When I start thinking through those things, I get clarity, “Stop doing this. Stop doing these things. Do more of those things.” It brings so much intentionality to the week ahead. The preview part is also part of that stop, start, and continue doing. Part of it is also having a look at what's the one thing I need to do on each of my three goals next week.

I’ll make sure that by the end of the week, I crushed those three things. I hadn't been doing it for a couple of weeks and I missed it, so it was so powerful to do it and recognize that’s what that can do for you. There are four different sections there, the This is Me section, the goal-setting templates, we've got the daily routine, and we've got the weekly routine. It's available as a free PDF download with an online course and only charges in the region of $397 for it. I’m happy to make it available for free for your audience.

You guys are going to have access to the downloadable, to the course that goes with it and you're going to be able to take it to the next level in a nutshell. You want it to go to the next level. What projects are you working on? Short projects, long projects, what do we have to look forward to?

Aside from the consulting, the corporate coaching that I'm doing, and coaching entrepreneurs like yourself, I'm excited about three things at the moment. A lot of people have been asking me to teach live once a month, so I'm going to be going live once a month in what I'm calling my Liberating Greatness Mentee Program. That will be a monthly program where we jump online and it'll be 1.5 or 2 hours of teaching my best stuff, engaging with my audience, giving people an opportunity for Q&A, and to take people to the next level every single month. I'm also working on a book, and I'm working on an online course. That’s the Success Journal Online Course but I have a few other ideas for what's next, as my signature course and signature books. I’m super excited about that. Also, another three new ways that I'll be able to serve my audience.

I'm excited to experience all three of those. I know how impactful your one-on-one coaching is. Having those different things available for people that maybe can't do the one-on-one coaching, whether it's time or whatever, can connect with you and get your knowledge and coaching in those ways. It’s going to be super powerful. If you aren't connected with John yet, we're going to play a little game, but first, we're going to tell them how they can find you so you. You can find him on Instagram, @JohnRoussot. He’s on Facebook, LinkedIn and all over the place. Are you ready to play a little game?


I mentioned to John that we were going to play this little game before. I need to go take that recording, bring it over, and put it at the end of the video that we created because your eyes were on the front and you were like, “What? We're going to play a game on the show?” Yes, we're going to play a game. It’s a new thing that I'm doing for this new season of the podcast and that’s why you don't know about it yet. It's called Rapid Fire. I'm going to give you two options and you quickly have to tell me which one is you, resonates with you and if it's neither, you can totally tell us something else. For example, beer or wine?


If you weren't a fan of either, you’re going to be like, “I don't drink or I take tequila shots on the weekends.” It’s whatever.

The crazy thing is I have half a glass of wine and that's me done and dusted. Typically, my wife will finish the rest, but I'm not a beer drinker either, so I’m all good.

Red or white wine?


We're going to be sending you some red wine. Books or podcasts?

Both. Can I say both?

Yeah, you can say both but I'm going to ask you, audiobooks or reading a book in your hand?

Again, both. Sometimes I will literally sit with an audiobook in my ears and the physical book in front of me. I love audiobooks when I'm out running, so maybe I'll go with audiobooks if I have to choose one.

Window or aisle seat on the plane?

Window if it's business class. Aisle seat if it's in coach.

In driving in a car, are you the driver or the passenger?

Always the driver.

Phone call or text message, which do you prefer to give or get?

Phone call.

Movie or TV series?


Solo workout or group workout?

If you want to double your productivity, cut your commitments in half.

Solo workouts.

Plain water or flavored water?

Plain water.

Dark chocolate or milk chocolate?

Dark chocolate, is an easy one.

Vacation or staycation?


We call that a holiday. What do you call it if you stay? Is it stay holiday?

You call it every day because nobody’s moving anyway.

Cats or dogs?


Big party or small gathering?

Small gathering.

It’s super fun. Thank you so much for being here, John. It was a pleasure. I appreciate you taking the time to serve all of us in the way that you have.

Thank you, Krissy. It’s a pleasure being with you. Thank you for the great questions and for hosting the show. I appreciate the opportunity to serve you and your audience. I appreciate you so much. Thank you.

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