BITESIZE | 3 problems that High Performance Coaching Solves!

Dec 16, 2022

In this short BITESIZE video, John Roussot, Founder & Chief Excellence Officer, and Nate Short, FiiT4GROWTH High-Performance Coach discuss some of the problems that High-Performance Coaching can help to solve.

1. Your team is good but not great - yet.

We often meet with teams and leaders when they realise their team has high potential but they are not fully capitalising on it. Usually, this comes down to how the team is connecting and collaborating or ineffective performance management plans. High-Performance Coaching helps you capitalise and harness your team's potential.

2. You have top talent but they are not engaged.

Disengaged workers lack a real close connection to their job, they are checked out and they are going through the motions. Our scientifically backed High Performance Coaching delves into what makes an individual motivated, and what gives them purpose aswell as the process of aligning larger business goals to individual goals.

3. Bad Cross-Functional Communication & Functional Silos

A Functional silo at work is the separation of team members based on their function or the compartmentalization of your workforce by role. When there are functional silos, people are limited to the group in which they are placed. This means managers cannot access the best resources, talent, and information they need for a project because they are “outside” of their silo. Remote work has also helped cause a ‘silo mentality’ in many organizations. High Performance Leadership coaching can help rewire the behaviors and mindsets to break up function silos whilst also providing an initial platform to bring teams together, create shared accountabilities, communicate a unified vision and incorporate collaboration tools.

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