News | International Business Excellence Awards Finalists

Nov 21, 2022

We have been nominated for TWO International Business Excellence Awards! FiiT4GROWTH® are finalists for Best Learning & Development and John Roussot has been nominated for Business Leader of the Year! What a week!

A big thank you to each and every one of our clients who has shared their coaching experiences and made this possible.

About The International Business Excellence Awards

The International Business Excellence Awards is the world’s premier celebration of business excellence and striving for maximum performance and innovation. We think of Business Excellence as "an integrated collection of proven practices for how a business should operate to become the best it can possibly be – i.e. world-class" (M. James, My Business Excellence).

But reaching "world-class" operations requires organizations to "Think global, act local" – whether you are a large enterprise where these practices are already established, or a smaller organization aiming to develop and grow. IBXA is designed to recognize your successes on the path to global best-in-class performance – no matter the size of the company. It showcases business professionals everywhere who are committed to excellence, growth, innovation, and becoming the best they can possibly be for their customers, employees, and stakeholders. It’s a truly international movement!

John Roussot, Founder & Chief Excellence Officer of FiiT4GROWTH, commented on the shortlist: 

“We are delighted to be nominated for two fantastic awards. It has been incredible to see the feedback shared by the clients we serve, who enable us to bring our purpose to life on a daily basis."

The Awards Finals and Ceremony will take place on two separate days. The Awards Finals are on February 2, with the Awards Ceremony taking place a week later, on February 9.

Stay tuned for an update! 


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