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All your habit tracking, journaling, goal planning, courses and LIVE life coaching in one place. Because self-improvement should a daily practice for you and your team.

Accept your invitation to join GrowthDay

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It all starts with personal growth.

"We believe every day is a great day to grow. But people struggle to change and to live the energized, focused and abundant lives they deserve. So we're changing the game. It's time for a new way to track and improve your personal development. It's time for more tools, coaching and community related to the most important part of our lives: our growth. Get this app, and let's get growing, together." 
- Brendon Burchard, Founder of GrowthDay

A look inside of GrowthDay and how it changes lives...

Get Direction

Track and score your mindset, habits and mood. Daily, weekly and monthly life scores give you recommendations that change your life!

Leverage the tools

A digital journal you'll actually love to use, with over 100 research-backed writing prompts for greater self-awareness and a more positive mindset.

Daily Fire

Start each day with intention and a positive mindset by listening to a daily motivational message from GrowthDay founder, Brendon Burchard.  

Demo from FiiT4GROWTH Coach, Nate Short